Who are we

We are a small boutique consulting firm, specializing in solving tough technical and business problems. We support SMEs and Startups in solving their toughest and critical requirements.

  • Presales & Sales
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Prospect to Customer Conversion
  • Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Talent Management (Validate, Attract, Retain)
  • Product (Design, Development and Launch)
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Technology Thought Leadership

We also help companies with virtual Technical Leadership who are yet to invest in full-time roles.

Our Services

Building Products

We bring several decades of experience in building world-class B2B and B2C products with usability and user engagement as the keystones.

Product Leadership is a critical, but oft ignored skill-set that can make or a break your large engagement.


Complexity can never be eliminated, it can only be abstracted. We help with designing your Technology to make your Engineering teams super-productive and make it simple for your customers and end users.

Let us work to keep your Technical Debt to a minimum.


We specialize in developing the key modules of your larger project which need to meet stringent reliability and performance parameters.

We excel at Thoughtful ML / AI model design, tool & algorithm selection, hyper parameter divination, logic development, data training and validation.

Pre-Sales & Sales

We can help you in qualifying the lead, preparing powerful pitch decks which succintly convey your strengths, right solution design and build an Engagement Framework to close the deal.

We can assist you to build trusting and long-term relationship with your customer.

Virtual CXO

Leadership roles are critical for the strategic growth of a company or account. They are definitely expensive and don’t always align with your growth stage.

Virtual Leadership Roles, give a reasonable balance of value and cost and can be transitioned to full-time roles when you are of the right size.

Talent Leadership

We help you design a strong Technology Talent Strategy with a three-pronged approach - Attract, Nurture, Retain.

We work with you to design a robust Mentoring and Growth Engineering Framework and execution plan to match your niche and aspirations.


Speed up development by 10x and improve quality by 100x

Prebuilt highly-configurable and versatile components help us develop and deploy applications quickly and efficiently.

When paired with our code generation engines, rapid application development with robust performance is not elusive.

Webscale Components

Cloud-agnostic WebScale Components

Scale, Availability, Resilience, Redundancy, Graceful failover, Distributed tracing are all critical requirements for all modern cloud native apps. Our WebScale components are well-designed to provide all these features to your applications without rewriting them.

Code Generation

Our Micro AIs make short work of repetitive code

80% of the code in most apps are repetitive and drain significant chunk of your development and testing resources. They add significant uncertainity to engineering and timelines.

Code generation with heuristics and templates is as old as the microprocessor. Our Micro AIs add Goal Alignment, TCNs, LSTMs and Transfer Learning to the mix, to generate concise and performant code.

Predictive Analytics,

Use the right tools for the right problems

"Experts" and "Expert Advise" in AI is overwhelming. We help you arrive at the right design and solutions based on the actual needs and not hype.

We specialize in designing holistic solutions with specific attention to Model bias, decay and changing business needs.

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SLN Terminus, Hyderabad, India



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